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The Best Rated Public High Schools in Melbourne

by Aiza
best rated public high schools melbourne

The Best Rated Public High Schools in Melbourne

Do you want the best education for your child without forking out thousands of dollars per year in school fees?  Some Melbourne private schools are charging up to 30K per year for year 12. 

If you want your child to be surrounded by other high achievers during their VCE years it would be worthwhile sending them to a school with good VCE results

But it’s important to note that you can’t guarantee that your child will achieve high grades just because they go to a good school. They may also need tutoring. One of one tutoring is priceless. If you feel your child, needs some assistance in their school studies, Spectrum Tuition can provide specialised VCE tutoring services.

Here are the best-rated public high schools in Melbourne based on VCE study scores and average ATARs. 

Melbourne High School (Select Entry) 

Address: Forrest Hill, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Years: Year 9 to Year 12 

Median VCE study score: 37

Phone: (03) 9826 0711

Website: https://www.mhsviceduau.com 

Melbourne High School is an all-male public school that caters to students in years 9012 in preparation for their university years. It is a select entry state Secondary School conveniently located in South Yarra just a short tram or train trip from the CBD.

The school offers outstanding programs and facilities for students from the metropolitan Melbourne area and its neighbouring suburbs. The school is free but it is a select entry school that only offers places to students who score highly on the entrance exam. Each year an average of 1500 boys take the test but only 336 are offered a place at the school. 

The school is a stimulating learning environment dedicated to well-being and student positive outcomes, to promote more understanding in both the classrooms and the school as well. They also include co-curricular activities for further learning such as clubs, music, interest groups, fitness or sporting groups, as well as theatre or performing arts to achieve the full and better potential for your children. Nonetheless, students are also obliged to wear school uniforms every day to integrate tidiness and formality among their students. As of 2021, there are 1,365 students enrolled in the school. 

Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School (Select Entry) 

Address: 350-370 Kings Way, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Years: Year 9 to Year 12 

Median VCE study score: 37

Phone: (03) 9864 7700

Website: https://www.macrob.vic.edu.au/contact 

A forefront of girls’ education in the urban landscape of Melbourne, Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School offers quality and systematic education for young women not only in Melbourne but across Victoria as well. Before enrollment, students must take a Selective Entrance Examination that should be aced to pass the standards of the institution. Aside from the academic programs they are offering to ensure the start of their student’s college career, students are also encouraged to participate in leadership and volunteering for the school and community, while also being engaged in co-curricular activities such as arts, sports, and well-being to further boost their confidence and tenacity as they face challenges in the future. Across all four year levels, there are approximately 950 to 980 students enrolled each year. 

Nossal High School (Select Entry) 

Address: Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard, 100 Clyde Road, Berwick VIC 3806, Australia

Years: Year 9 to Year 12 

Median VCE study score: 36

Phone: (03) 8762 4600

Website: https://www.nossalhs.vic.edu.au/contact/ 

Nossal High School’s learning environment is uniquely structured to adhere to the growing needs of high school students. They offer house systems in which senior students develop a strong sense of connectedness among their junior peers, and serve as a role model to make each and everyone better not only in academics but to their individual self. The school provides assessments to every student, so they can have guided reflections on their long-term goals through aptitude testing to be able to evaluate what their strengths and weaknesses are. Furthermore, co-curricular programs like camps, international tours, sporting programs are also offered associated with curriculum-based excursions. Thus, the well-being and support network for students and teachers are given primary importance, paving a way for students to become better and more responsible individuals for themselves and the community. The school is quite competitive and enrollments are capped at 208 per year level.

Suzanne Cory High School (Select Entry) 

Address: 225 Hoppers Ln., Werribee VIC 3030, Australia

Years: Year 9 to Year 12 

Median VCE study score: 34

Phone: (03) 8734 2800

Website: https://www.suzannecoryhs.vic.edu.au 

Suzanne Cory High School is a co-educational institution located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. It is a selective government school for students in years 9-12. The school aims to create better students with its challenging educational experience leading to outstanding outcomes to enable students to be ready for tertiary education. Moreover, their rigorous curriculum equips students with extensive knowledge through various subjects of maths, literacy, sciences, and even offers co-curricular programs for sports, arts, culture, and social interactions. Respectively, the school’s comprehensive curriculum also adheres to international standards which are recognized as one of the best due to high levels of student achievements. Suzanne Cory High School accepts approximately 200 year 9 students each year.  

Box Hill High School

Address: 1180 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia

Years: Year 7 to Year 12 

Median VCE study score: 32

Phone: (03) 9877 1177

Website: https://www.boxhillhs.vic.edu.au 

Box Hill High School endeavours to set an educational environment that fosters student achievement of challenging learning goals to mould students to flourish the best they possibly can. They nurture respect among teachers and students and consider every voice in the classroom and the school community to let students have the freedom to be independent individuals. Much more, the school develops students to become ethical, to be able to contribute globally and to become better citizens in the community. Consequently, students are also free to choose elective subjects of their preference, join special programs, and be more knowledgeable on core subjects such as Maths and English; they can choose their electives as early as year 9. As of recent reports, there are currently 1,300+ students enrolled; also famous for their Gifted Academic Potential Program (GAPP).

University High School

Address: 77 Story Street, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

Years: Year 7 to Year 12

Median VCE study score: 32

Phone: (03) 9347 2022

Website: http://www.unihigh.vic.edu.au 

The University High School in Melbourne is rapidly growing in population due to its Student Well-being and Science and Mathematics Programs. The school cares for students by closely monitoring their achievements, timetables, as well as their attendance to ensure responsibility and the needs of students in all sorts of areas for future development. The institution offers the Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences Program to engage VCE students in year 11 and 12 who have a passion and the potential for success in the fields of Science & Mathematics. Students are also immersed in the latest innovations, mentored by University of Melbourne postgraduate students from Bio21 to maximize their learning capabilities. Additionally, the school includes co-curricular activities for your children with their Instrumental Music Program, which runs for a semester or two and gives out practice and lessons for students. 

whatever school it may be, either public or private, we know you can have a better future if you always strive for the best.


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