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Baby boy Nursery Ideas

by Kayla Mackinnon
baby boy nursery ideas

Looking for baby boy nursery ideas and inspiration?

Designing a baby’s room can be overwhelming. Finding products that work together and fit a certain theme can be hard to visualise. Babies have a lot of stuff and putting it all together and designing a nursery without inspiration can be difficult. 

It doesn’t take a huge budget to design a functional and beautiful baby boy nursery. You can re-create most of these nurseries quite affordably with a little creativity and determination. 

Here is some inspiration to help you find the perfect colour scheme and theme for your baby boy’s nursery. 

1. Jungle themed nursery with a green feature wall. 

This room can be re-created quite easily. You don’t even need to recreate the textured wall. You can create a similar effect by simply painting a dark green feature wall. Add some earthy tones, plants and animal prints and voila!

Baby boy nursery with green wall jungle theme

Credit Instagram: @thesarahkathryn

2. Minimalist beach house style nursery with a dark blue feature wall. 

This nursery is minimal, functional and beautiful. A feature wall can make a huge statement. Try complementing your feature wall with pops of dark blue to make it stand out. 

Baby boy nursery-blue textured wall, wall mounted bookshelf

Credit Instagram: @colleenparkey

3. Hamptons style baby blue nursery

This nursery is elegant and classy. Simple features such as a pendant light greenery can make your babies room look luxurious and well thought out. 

baby boy nursery baby blue white crib

Credit Instagram: @brantlywyatt

4. Dark blue nursery with hints of cacti. 

Here is another boy nursery with a dark blue feature wall. The white cot and dark wall contrast each other and have an amazing effect!

boy nursery dark blue wall white crib white cot llama

Credit Instagram: @athomewithjenna

5. White nursery with dark furniture.

You don’t need to paint your nursery to make a statement. You can use removable wall decals. These can be good if you’re renting but maybe ask your landlord first. 

The dark furniture and white walls complement each other nicely.

baby boy grey nursery with wall decals and white walls

Credit Instagram: @rachelarrey

6. Minimalist baby blue nursery. 

This nursery is beautiful and simple. The rabbit wall feature is a great focal piece and adds a touch of innocence. 

boy nursery light blue walls and bunny head with floor lamp

Credit Instagram: @awelldressedhomellc

7. Modern nursery with balloon wall decals. 

This is a great nursery idea if your babies room is small. Here is another example of using wall decals rather than painting your little one’s room. 

Australian baby nursery white walls with wall decals kmart big w boori cot white

Credit Instagram @a.mothers.bond

8. Jungle Nursery with light wooden furniture. 

The matching wood and jungle wall decals work together nicely in this room. 

Baby Boy jungle Nursery white walls jungle decal, lion rocking horse

Credit Instagram: @becca.champ

9. Grey nursery with white walls.

Here is an example of a nursery with no wall decals or paint. You don’t always need to decorate the walls to create a stunning nursery. Simply match similar colours for a classy and elegant baby boy nursery.  

grey baby boy room with grey curtains, boy nursery

Credit Instagram @zaralovesxo

10. Dark grey feature wall with white wooden furniture.

The grey and white tones work nicely together in this nursery. 

grey boy nursery, white wood furniture small nursery

Credit Instagram: @nicolegabany

11. Dark blue feature wall with elegant white furniture. 

This nursery is elegant and the beautiful white wooden furniture stands out against the dark blue feature wall. 

baby room with blue feature wall and white wooden furniture

Credit Instagram: @lauraelizabethgraham

12. Nursery with a wallpaper feature wall.

You don’t need over the top wallpaper in your baby’s room. Babies rooms are busy enough so you don’t want it to look cluttered if you have too much going on. Simple wallpaper looks elegant and complements your nursery furniture. 

Nursery, with wall paper

Credit Instagram: @southerlyabodeinteriors

13. Baby blue feature wall with wooden accents. 

This nursery style would look beautiful in a home with wooden floorboards. the touches of baby blue against the wood look beautiful. 

Baby blue nursery

Credit Instagram: @modest_mollie

14. Toy Story Nursery.

This is probably one of my favourite baby rooms. The walls are easy to re-create. Simply paint your walls sky blue and add some cloud removable wall decals. This nursery is sure to impress. 

toy story nursery

Credit Instagram: @nolenurse

15. Star Wars Nursery.

Add some Star Wars wall decals to a dark blue feature wall to transform your nursery into a star wars paradise!

star wars nursery

Credit Instagram: @audreynules

Which one of these is your favourite. Let us know your favourite baby boy nursery ideas below!

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