by Kayla Mackinnon
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Nursery organisation doesn’t have to be hard.

Babies might be small but that doesn’t mean they don’t take up space. Babies have a lot of stuff. When you add up all their clothes, nappies, bottles, toys, shoes, and accessories it can become overwhelming. Especially if you purchase larger clothing sizes and larger nappies in advance. You’re going to need to store all of these until they are required.

And remember, people, love to spoil babies and If you’re lucky you will receive a large number of toys and gifts from family and friends.

Not only do you want your nursery to look great you also want it to be functional. Here are my favourite aesthetically pleasing ways to organise your nursery so that it fits in with your nursery decor.

1. Store your little one’s clothes by size. 

baby clothing size labels nursery organization

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Babies grow quickly so having a stockpile of clothes in different sizes is practical but it can also get confusing. Before your baby arrives try separating their clothing by size so you don’t need to rummage for certain sizes when needed.

2. Use drawer dividers in your baby’s drawers. 

baby drawer dividers-nursery organisation

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I think drawer dividers in baby drawers are absolutely essential. Think about it. Baby stuff is teeny tiny! If your drawers are organised you won’t need to spend time trying to find matching pairs of tiny baby socks. Another bonus is that it looks great and will make you feel like you’re in control.

Some of my favourite drawer dividers are the Ikea Skubb. They are perfect for baby clothes.

3. Store drawers in your baby’s wardrobe to save on floor space.

baby drawers in wardrobe

Credit Instagram: @smallstuffemilyI

f your nursery is on the small side and you’re fighting for floor space get creative. If your nursery has a built-in robe try finding a set of drawers that fit snuggly in your baby’s wardrobe. This means that your babies clothes will not only be together but you will also have space for more furniture items such as a nursing chair or toybox.

4. Add a second clothing rail to your wardrobe.

baby wardrobe organisation. wardrobe with second rail

Credit Instagram: @harmonia_ec

Baby clothes are small and you can up your nursery organisation game by adding a second rail to your built-in robe to double the amount of hanging space.

5. Prepare a nappy/diaper caddy that you can take from room to room. 

diaper caddy -nappy caddy-kmart

Credit: Instagram @carefree_carol

Changing nappies is something you will be doing a lot and you don’t want to have to travel to your change table every time you need to change your baby. Prepare a nappy caddy with wipes, nappies, a portable change mat and some nappy rash cream so that you can change your babies nappy wherever you are in your house. This is great for when your baby isn’t sleeping in their own room yet. You won’t need to travel from your room to the babies room for a late-night nappy change.

6. Make use of the space under your cot. 

under crib storage nursery organisation nursery organization

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Surprisingly you can fit a lot of stuff under your cot. If you do not have a drawer in your cot you can purchase some storage bins and a crib skirt to hide and mess. Some good things to store in these drawers are bed sheets, mattress protectors, swaddles and sleep sacks. This will save you from storing these items in your dresser or wardrobe.

7. Make use of the space behind your doors to up your nursery organisation game. 

storage behind doors-nursery organisation nursery organization

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You may not realise that there is a lot of wasted storage space hidden behind your doors. Just look at all of the storage you could have.  This is the perfect solution to a small space. Get your self some over-door storage and you won’t regret it. You can store anything from nappies, bath products, towels, shoes… the possibilities are endless.

8. Install a wall-mounted vertical bookshelf. 

on wall nursery book shelf-ikea spice rack

Credit Instagram: @alifemoreorganized

Bookshelves can take up a lot of floor space. Storing your books vertically on the wall can save a lot of floor space.

It will also make your books more visible so you or your little one can choose a book easily. It will also look great with your existing nursery decor.

9. Add a cube unit to your built-in robe. 

nursery wardrobe shelving-nursery organisation

Credit Instagram and Pinterest: @shabbysweet_home

This kills two birds with one stone. A cube shelf can function as both toy storage and a bookshelf.

It also gives you the freedom to close the doors and hide away any mess.

10. Fold clothes upright so that you can see everything clearly. 

Marie Kondo folding for babies drawers-baby organisation

Credit Instagram: @crescentlivingco

Baby clothes are small and they can become unorganised very easily if you have to rummage through your drawers to find a particular outfit. Folding clothes upright will help you find what you’re looking for.  If you’re not sure how to do this try watching a Konmari folding tutorial.

11. Store bottles and dummies in a shower caddy.kmart bottle storage hack with shower caddy

Not only is this way to dry dummies and bottles after sterilising but it saves space. You can mount this to a wall in your kitchen rather than using your bench space and cupboard space for bottle storage.

12. Create a bottle preparing station 

Image credit: Facebook Kmart hacks and decor

kmart bottle station nursery organisation nursery organization

Image credit: Facebook Kmart hacks and decor

Items like sterilisers, formula and bottles take up a lot of space. This handy Kmart shelf is a great way to store babies bottle necessities in a compact way.

13. Store all of your nappy changing essentials in the top drawer of your dresser. 

diaper nappy storage in baby drawers dresser

Credit Instagram: @ourbuckwildlife

Don’t waste time looking for nappies and wipes each time you need to change your baby. Instead, store everything in the top drawer of your dresser preferably right under your change mat.

This is much safer as you don’t leave your baby alone on the changeable while you disappear to find a clean nappy.

What do you think? Share your favourite nursery organisation ideas in the comments below.

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