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Melbourne’s best ice cream parlours

by Aiza
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Oh, don’t we all just love the sweet, milky, and creamy taste of ice cream? – This treat is truly a sensory delight for all the sweet-toothed out there and no one can ever resist how this dessert can make us all jiggly and happy. When you just love ice cream so much, you’ll always crave two or more scoops – and might as well try different flavors to keep those sweet brain freezes coming.

In summer, we just want to have something that keeps us cool. As Melbourne can get scorching hot during the season, most people would love to go outside, hit the beach, and even look for ice cream parlours for a sweet yet cold treat. And when you’re visiting the city on a hot day, it’s recommended to take a stroll and enjoy the best ice cream Melbourne has in twirl for you.

Up for a creamy and cold treat? Visit these ice cream parlours and we’re pretty sure you’ll always come back for more:

Pidapipò CBD

Pidapipo CBD

Pidapipo CBD (Photo by It-Pin Arifin)

8 Degraves Street, Melbourne

An incomparable place to satisfy your every sweet craving, this ice cream parlour serves you sensational, classic, and traditional gelato that locals and tourists delight in. With complimenting flavors concocted into one, you can always try fruity and tangy ice creams like mango, passionfruit, or pineapple, with inviting creaminess that sets your mood with greatness. Moreover, if you’re up for some nuts, they also have hazelnut and pistachio, giving you that soft cold swirl with a hint of different texture that burst well into your mouth – they also sell flavors according to season, that’s why it is guaranteed you’ll get the freshest and sweetest treat you’ll always come back for.

Gelateria Primavera

Gelateria Primavera

Gelateria Primavera (Photo by the owner)

157 Spring Street, Melbourne

Oozing with texture and consistency, this gelateria at Spring street certainly does not disappoint. With rich milk paired with different classic flavors the Aussies always love, you’ll get gelato with fruit mixes, chocolate varieties, and even nut varieties for you to enjoy a burst of flavors with just one scoop. A tub of salted caramel, milk chocolate, pistachio, mango passionfruit, lemon gelato, and rich vanilla ice cream is always up for grabs, and you can eat them alone or with a friend; each tub always has a generous amount of goodness making you feel sunny and home.

Aqua S

Aqua S

Aqua S (Photo by Anusha Pai)

16 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne

Of blues but avoids the hues, this chic and lovely gelateria lets you crave soft serves even more. You’ll be in a candy land filled with milky and creamy twirls, serving you with treats that taste like magic and gets you into cloud nine. Enjoy their most popular sea salt soft serve especially made and sourced from the depth of sweetness of Japan, topped with lovely marshmallows, popcorn, or the choice of your cravings. They also have fruity soft serves, red velvet, and chocolate, or if up for a twist, you can mix two flavors with some toppings on a waffle cone or in a big cup. This ice cream shop always serves happiness and lets you succumb to a sweet mess.

Fritz Gelato

Fritz Gelato

Fritz Gelato (Photo by Tom Wood)

11/322 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Your friendly local chain doling up organic ice cream with innovative flavors to add fantastic kicks, you’ll be surprised by a blend of smooth serves in a diverse soft serve. Enjoy their Strawberry Bliss with fresh fruit whipped to perfection, their Panacotta Raspberry with fresh Gippsland cream and raspberries for a heavenly treat, their Chili Affair of sweet chocolate and Australian-grown chilies, and so much more that you have never tried before. This ice cream parlour does beyond what is conventional, and all their soft serves have always been a must-try which are typically flocked by tourists and locals. Australian dairy with a tasty gimmick is what they aim for.

Ice Cafe Venezia

Ice Cafe Venezia

Ice Cafe Venezia (Photo by Paul Hodgkiss)

65 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

If you’re strolling around the bay area and could not handle the hot weather, then this ice cream shop is perfectly placed for you to visit. Giving you a grand masterpiece of ice cream with a dash of artistry to it, you’ll fantasize over their Spaghetti Ice Cream, a generous amount of string-shaped cream with waffle and strawberry syrup; Ice Cream cakes that bomb your sweetest satisfaction; their Biscoff Ice Cream to have a hint of pungent cinnamon; their Melon cup for a sweet oriental variation; and their classic Banana Split that all ages love. Homemade with love, you’ll be able to surrender in 40 unique flavors – vegan ice cream is available too!



Ben&Jerry’s (Photo by Dhany Kurniawan)

222 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

It’s a no-brainer that this ice cream shop is on the list – a staple of households who just love ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s always makes the sad days go happy. This Vermont-based ice cream parlor has clever and creative flavor names, all with great taste with some rich and creamy consistency to it. Chocolate chips, waffles, black forest, fudge, and brownies, there’s always something new for you to try at this famous shop. No need to say more; you know this shop does not let you down.


Scoops up, heat down – try these fantastic ice cream parlours and delight in the creamy and ecstatic flavors your taste buds would love. A day with ice cream can never go wrong, so why let your cravings prolong?

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