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Where To Get the Best Hotdogs in Melbourne

by Aiza
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Where To Get the Best Hotdogs in Melbourne

Hotdogs are usually more associated with American food culture. That doesn’t mean that Melbourne doesn’t have great hotdogs. After all, Melbourne does have some of the best food in the world. You probably won’t see many low quality cheap hot dog carts around Melbourne. That’s because when Melburnians make food they do it right and the hotdogs you’ll find around Melbourne will be high quality and will have all the trimmings you can imagine.

For most cities, hotdogs are like the top-tier street food; it isn’t messy, and very convenient to eat even if you’re walking.

So if you’re looking for the best hotdogs in Melbourne you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the absolute best hotdogs in Melbourne and where to get them.

Massive Wieners

Massive Wieners is always a go-to place for hotdogs in Melbourne. Just by its name, they sell bigger hotdogs than any other store which is sure to fill you up no matter how hungry you are. If you think you can eat a lot, put your skills to the Massive Wieners’ Super Colossal Wiener Challenge. In this challenge, you need to eat a 2.2lb and 25” long hotdog in under 5 minutes. The challenge costs $25 to compete in and if you win the hotdog is free and you get your name on the wall of fame.

Massive Wieners definitely raises the bar for other hotdogs in Melbourne as they sell superior products with a very good price point. You can also side it with some disco fries, and you might just be surprised how it can cure your hangover after a good night out with friends.

Also, they have very friendly staff and different choices of hotdogs if you’re a vego.

Hot Dog Hustle

Hot Dog Hustle takes their hotdogs seriously. You won’t find plain hotdogs with just tomato sauce here. The hotdogs at Hotdog Hustle are next level. They have some insane food combos.

When you just can’t get enough of hotdogs and how they can be tweaked and paired with different spices and flavours, then Hot Dog Hustle’s got you.

Hot Dog Hustle is not your typical NYC hotdog, it’s more of an L.A food truck style with a pinch of Asian Cuisine fused into one.

They even have a Bulgogi Cheesesteak hotdog which I highly recommend. They also have a vegetarian option for people who don’t eat pork or are vegetarians.

Street Dogz

Street Dogs has every kind of hotdog you can imagine. They are also affordable. You can grab an 11” hotdog for just $11.

The hotdogs are paired with delicious and soft buns. If you’re extra hungry pair your hotdog with a side of the crunchiest chips. Their hotdogs are incomparably stunning, and they also come in big portions with overflowing toppings and mouth-watering flavours.

We recommend getting the Paco, the bestseller and regarded as an absolute beast for hotdog lovers.


If you’re up for some hotdogs paired with good drinks, Ferdydurke is the place to be. The bar specializes in Polish hotdogs, loaded with toppings of your choice. The place is good for a quick catch up or a full night out with friends, and their hotdogs are one of the best on the menu you can always choose.

The place also has a great ambience, with great entertainment on stage, and also gives you the freedom to choose your favourite drink for a good night out with friends.

Chunky Town

Korean street food chain Chunky Town has come to Melbourne and have brought with them some of the world’s best hotdogs.

At Chunky Town you will find battered hotdogs with melted cheese on the inside. Chunky Town also sells waffle fries, Korean Fried Chicken, Calamari, tteokbokki, milkshakes and Korean doughnuts. Basically, it’s the go-to place in Melbourne for typical Korean takeaway food.

Honourable Mentions For Other Great Hotdogs in Melbourne:

Café Lafayette Unagi Hotdog

Three One 2 One Duck Hotdog

8bit Wonder Boy Hotdog

So there you have it. Those are the best hotdogs in Melbourne. What are your favourite hotdogs in Melbourne? Let us know if there are any of your favourite hotdogs that we missed.

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