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The best steak restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD

by Aiza
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That juicy, meaty, tender, and flavorful piece of meat is heaven for meat lovers out there – steaks are just loved at first sight, especially when they are cooked to perfection. Whether it’s rare, medium rare, or well done, we all want a perfectly seasoned steak that just satisfies us all the way.

When you are in Melbourne’s CBD and craving steak, you’ll always find a place where you can slice off your cravings. With a city that is undeniably littered with a steak place to hang out and chill with friends over meaty dining, you’ll never run out of places to go to. However, with endless steak restaurants in Melbourne offering the “best” steaks, you might just be confused as to which will be the most satisfying place to eat at; but no need to worry, here’s a list of where you should go for a steak run that will complement your preference of wine most especially.


Rare Steakhouse Downtown

42-44 King Street

Connoisseurs assemble! Rare Steakhouse features quality pasture and grain-fed beef that is basted and chargrilled to perfection. Start your fancy meal with some oysters and breads to jumpstart your appetite, and have some fillet and wagyu whether it’s a T-bone or rib-eye on the bone. They also have Angus Tomohawk and Kangaroo Steak to share, and if you have kids around, you can order delightful pork chops and chicken to satisfy their cravings as well. The steak restaurant in Melbourne offers a variety of meat for every preference, and you’ll be surprised by how diverse their meats and food are. Cheese and wine are also served, and cap off the night with amazing red wine produced locally.


A Hereford Beefstouw

22 Duckboard Place

Is casual dining your thing? They have a good piece of steak in a restaurant offering quality cuts and robust wine, also with some fish and draft beer on the side. The steak restaurant in Melbourne offers a unique experience with tender and juicy steak all worked like a piece of art, and with the intense and flavorful taste of the beef they prepare, you’ll be guaranteed a succulent menu where you can find your personal favorite. Whether it’s T-bone steak, ribeye, or a seared, ground beef steak, you can find the perfect cut that slips right into your tongues for that sensational steak you are dying to have a taste. Pair it with amazing wines imported from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The United States, and Australia, suitable for that meaty cut you will surely love.


Grill Steak Seafood

66 Hardware Lane

Be at a stylish yet seemingly affordable steak restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD – Grill Steak Seafood offers premium cuts, fresh seafood, and great drinks as you deserve the best food in town. You’ll be greeted and grazed by flamenco dancers dancing with the cabana music upon entry while providing you with thick cuts of great meat… and decadent seafood as well! If you’re also up for something new, you must give their Wagyu burger a try, and pastas that can also be paired with your steak (unconventional, but we recommend trying it). Consequently, the most popular food are their Kangaroo Steak, oysters, mussels, and garlic prawns – so don’t get bothered with gaining extra pounds as you finish your meal.


Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse

L 1/399 Little Lonsdale Street

Squisito! might be your first words as you finish off your food in this steak restaurant in Melbourne. An exquisite place to have your cravings for steak, as you have your way through over old country Italian dishes prepared perfectly to surprise your taste. With their steaks also cooked using traditional curing techniques, get surprised as your immerse your palates with Black Angus Beef Scotch Fillet, Beef Striploin, and Beef Rump Cap, all pasture fed and paired with rocket and fennel salad and truffle butter. The restaurant creates a way to give the prettiest and sumptuous seasoning and meat that burst right into your mouth, created with flavorful pairs of side dishes.



195 Little Collins Street

Conventional dining that’s not too fancy for your taste but still has the fanciest food to taste? Then this Melbourne steak restaurant might be just the perfect spot to cure your meaty hunt. With a restaurant that focuses on grilled & smoked meat cuts, get that smokey, tender, and flavorful dining experience all served beyond perfection. Meatmaiden also has local and imported wines on the shelf, and might as well pair your grilled meat with beers are bourbon to create an exciting play in your mouth as you devour your meats to the bones. The wonderful part of this place is they serve big meat to share or to eat alone, in a BBQ bar that brings select and the finest meats to the people.


San Telmo

14 Myers Place

Get a taste of Argentina without flying away from Australia. This steak restaurant specializes in steak and varieties of dishes cooked with Argentinian seasoned meats in chargrills, and in an eclectic space with high ceilings and hung cowhides. Heads up! The focal point of this steak restaurant is how they bring about flavorful steak where they harness the power of fire and flame, wood smoke, and searing heat, with pasture-fed eye fillets, premium dry-aged striploin, and premium grass-fed rib eye. Apart from this, you’ll also be able to enjoy a culture of the finest entrees and desserts you have never tried before, also perfectly paired with imported and local wines that complement right into your mouth.


Botswana Butchery Melbourne

66 Flinders Lane

As you try searching for this restaurant, don’t get surprised as you always see 5 stars on each review. With a plush, distinctive, yet welcoming atmosphere inside, it’s just a bonus as to what food they bring right to your tables. Botswana Butchery delivers a stunning variety of sumptuous and classic dishes of meats and fish, you’ll have a three-course meal that fits right into your bellies with a delightful taste you’ll always look forward to. Have a taste of their Truffle Beef, and Black Angus Beef, which is made raw, cured, and then smoked to give that pungent yet perfectly cooked steak in your mouth with delight. Fish is also available on the menu, and let everything simmer in as you flush every bit of food down with the tastiest wines in town.


Ginger Olive | Restaurant and Grill

Shop 2/38 Manchester Lane

Welcoming you with a warm space serving international BBQs and steaks, savor in mouthwatering choices of food with a heavenly touch to it – Ginger Olive has you suited for a divine steak night right in Melbourne’s CBD. Ginger Olive specializes in BBQ, Ribs, Steaks, and Grill, with delightful meats that come tender to your palate. With a contemporary fusion of herbs and spices seared just right to your preferences, simmer every bit of their Aged Premium Black Angus Grain Fed Rib Eye Steak, Aged Black Angus 150 Day Grain Fed Porterhouse Steak, and Aged Certified Black Angus Grain Fed T-Bone Steak. All these are with side dishes to give you an appetizer before the grand meal, with sweet endings of desserts your mouth will venture in. By then, have a glass of spirits, champagne, wine, bourbon, or beer to cap off the night, and burp that smokey flavor as you get yourselves full with the dashing platter of meats.


Up for a night of wonderful steaks? – We know you deserve a delightful break!

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