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Mildura’s Best Caravan Parks and Accommodation

by Aiza
Mildura, Australia.

Sitting on the banks of the Murray River, Mildura is one of the best places in Victoria where you and your friends can have a fun-filled getaway. With it being a food bowl in the region, there is a lot you can munch on as you stroll around the regional city with some tranquil walks, binge-eating, and a bounty of amazing things where everyone can always do something. With its wonderful landscape, you cannot help but wonder if you should stay for a day or two – well the quick answer to that one is to visit Mildura for more than a day, and you’ll forever fall in love with the place as you spend the next 2 days there.

Don’t know where to stay? Try these accommodations and enjoy your vacation as you sleep in a wonderful room or house that’s just a minute’s walk away from Mildura’s center.


All Seasons Holiday Park

818 Fifteenth St, Mildura

On leafy grounds and an enjoyable caravan park for all ages, let your kids enjoy the water area and the playground as you stroll along the vast landscape and have your way to a secluded and tranquil lake where you all can enjoy.


– Pools

– Playground

– Cabins and caravan area

– Camp Kitchen and Gazebo

– Sports and Go Karts Area

– BBQ spots

– Picnic Spot over a lake

Best suited for:

Families with kids

Nearby Attractions:

– 6 km from Mildura Arts Centre and Ornamental Lakes Park

– Short stroll to Gateway Tavern and Shopping Centres

– 4 km from the Murray River


Apex RiverBeach Holiday Park

435 Cureton Avenue, Mildura

Set up your tents and breathe the freshest air in Victoria with a wonderful accommodation that eradicates the bustling crowd and embraces the quiet in the region. Filled with trees and grasslands, you’ll be able to have that much-needed break in an absolutely beautiful holiday park.


– Cabins, RVs, and Villa accommodation choices

– Riverview picnics

– Patios for chilling

– Kids’ outdoor play equipment

– Kitchen

– BBQ facilities in a picturesque outdoor area

Suitable for:

Families and friends (pets also allowed)

Nearby attractions:

– 1.7 km from Mildura Station Homestead

– 2.3 km to Rio Vista Park, and 2.8 km to Jaycee Park

– Close to Murray River


BIG4 Mildura Getaway Holiday Park

478 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

A prestigious holiday park where the whole family can have some fun-filled getaways in the best waterpark, playground, and exciting accommodation with cabins, RVs, and camping spots, you can never go wrong with this accommodation that just suits everybody’s preference for something extraordinary.


– waterparks and playgrounds for all ages

– indoor games room

– outdoor camp kitchen

– BBQs all around the park

– camping spots for tents

– pools

Suitable for:


Nearby Attractions:

– short stroll to the main shopping center and eateries

– 3 km to Murray River and waterfront parks and gardens

– 5 min walk to Mildura Central


Yerom Retreat

Hugh King Drive, Mildura

Looking for a secluded place in the abundance of nature minus the crowd? Be on a spacious cabin accommodation that sets your minimalist mood with its ever-glowing aesthetics that just blows off the brightness of the day. The tranquility of private secluded property is what this accommodation is all about.


– Secluded space

– Patio with BBQ facilities

– Kitchen

– Waterfront and golf course front

– Lots of walking tracks near the wildlife

– 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms

Suitable for:

Families and friends

Nearby Attractions:

– 0.2 km to Ornamental Lakes Park

– 0.7 km to Langtree Hall Museum and Mildura Arts Centre

– 0.9 km from Mildura Waves

– 2 km to Mildura Golf Resort


Mildura Inlander Resort

373 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

Are you up from some tropical accommodation that sets your vacation vibes in the Pacific without leaving Victoria? – Here’s the perfect spot to provide you with that islander feel any time of the day.


– outdoor pool

– Gym and bar

– Buffet breakfast

– Outdoor tennis court

– BBQ facilities, a garden area, and a picnic and garden spot

Suitable for:

Individuals and friends

Nearby Attractions:

– 1 min drive to Mildura Waves

– 14 min walk to Central Mildura Shopping Center

– 4 min drive to Murray River

– 20-minute stroll to restaurants and pubs


Econo Lodge Mildura

433 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

The most suitable place to travel alone or with a special someone, be in a laidback accommodation that’s pretty simple yet enjoyable to keep those stressors away – this accommodation is what minimal feels and looks like, without having to hurt your budget on a quick weekend or holiday trip.


– outdoor pool

– room service

– business center

– Kitchenette and toasters, coffee and tea maker

– Grill

– Balcony and Garden

– Airport Shuttle

Suitable for:

Business people and individuals traveling alone or with a partner

Nearby attractions:

– 3 km to Central Mildura Shopping Center, Mildura Waves, and Mildura Visitor Information Centre

– 5 km to Mildura Brewery Pub

– 10-minute walk to Green Pines Park

– Short stroll to restaurants and cafes


Nuvo Executive

116 Olive Avenue, Mildura

Finding a place that’s close to the most exciting spots in Mildura? Have your way around the tourist spots and the best cafes and restaurants with this seemingly pure and spacious accommodation that’s perfect for a reunion with friends.


– self-contained air-conditioned rooms

– private front & rear courtyards

– Kitchen and BBQ

Suitable for:


Nearby Attractions:

– 0.4 km from Mildura Waves and Mildura Brewery Pub

– Less than 0.1 km from Langtree Hall Museum

– 0.6 km to Mildura Arts Centre

– 0.9 km to Jaycee Park

– 1.1 km to Mildura Golf Resort


What are you waiting for? Visit Mildura and enjoy its wonders… all with some great food and amazing attractions all day, every day!

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