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30+ Pregnancy Memes So Funny They’ll Make You Pee a Little

by Kayla Mackinnon
pokemon pregnancy meme

Pregnancy is one of those things you don’t really understand until you go through it yourself. I thought my pregnancy would be magical and easy but so far it has been difficult.

Of course, I’m grateful to be able to get pregnant in the first place but that doesn’t mean that I can’t complain about it being hard!

Pregnancy throws you a lot of curveballs. From fatigue to nausea, to terrible bladder control. I never realised how hard pregnant woman had it until I did it myself.

That being said it’s a pretty amazing experience.

Here are 30 + relatable and funny pregnancy memes to get you through those tiring 9 months!


1. I have to hear about this from my mother, so my kid will too!

childbirth meme

2.  I might not be able to lift heavy objects but I can grow an entire human brain without lifting a finger.

growing a baby pregnancy meme


3. We can all relate to this tired kitty.

hairless cat pregnancy 36 week meme

4. Is she even human?

kate middleton giving birth versus me giving perth pregnancy meme

5. I have had advice from everyone. Including clueless men without children.

unsolicited pregnancy advice

6.Why does someone so small need so much stuff?

leaving the house with a baby pregnancy meme

7. I literally put the orange juice in the glasses cupboard yesterday.

pregnancy brain meme

8. My bladder always chooses to be active in the middle of the night.

pregnancy bladder meme

9. 1st Trimester almost scared me off ever getting pregnant again.

pregnancy 1st 2nd 3rd trimester meme

10. When you’re practically screaming “get this baby out of me”

pregancy meme-every month has 30-31 days

11. This is why my partner sleeps on the couch now

peeing in pregnancy meme

12.  I’m almost considering wearing nappies.

peeing in pregnancy meme tap

13. I think the term morning sickness must have been invented by a man

morning sickness all day sickness meme

14. When all the foods you crave are banned

list of foods that are safe to eat when pregnant meme

15. Good idea

pregnancy decided to be dad meme

16. Sorry if me being pregnant is hard for YOU!
pregnancy meme

17. At least I can eat as much as I want

Pregnancy meme-summer body patrick


18. This happens to me every night before bed. Do I want to be hydrated or do I want to get a good night sleep?

pregnancy drinking water meme

19. This looks just like me.

pregnancy gorilla glow meme

20. Are you allowed to be mad at him for putting you in this position in the first place?

pregnancy note to self meme

21. Growing eyeballs and tiny baby hands are hard. Okay.

pregnancy some e cards meme

22.Not sure but it seems like a good enough excuse to me/

pregnancy hormones meme

23.  I was also saying this before I was pregnant but now this is extra relatable.

ninja warrior pregnancy meme

24. Why does everyone else’s pregnancies seem to go so fast but mine goes so slow?

pregnancy titantic meme

25. Surely it wasn’t the extra 10000 calories a day that I’ve been eating.

pregnancy weight gain meme

26. Can somebody please make this happen?

pregnancy inventions pie chart meme

27. I just want sushi.

pregnancy what you want meme

28. Wow! I wish I got a full 40 minutes!

pregnancy meme elf 40 minutes sleep meme

29.  …And if I could stop peeing every 5 minutes that would be great.

pregnancy meme -south park toothbrush

30. Wow! What a nice husband.


31. This is so true.

pregnancy-memes-I have 2 brains in my body but I have never been so dump modern family

32. I am so sensitive right now.

pregnany avocado meme

33. When your husband’s clothes are all that fit you.

stealing clothes in pregnancy meme

34.When you already feel like a huge whale and someone makes you feel worse.

twin pregnancy meme

35. Agree.

2nd trimester pregnancy meme

36. I had people ask me before the 12-week mark and it was incredibly uncomfortable.

when is it okay to ask a women if she's pregnant meme

37. Lying husband “no your belly is barely noticeable”

cats third 3rd trimester pregnany mem

38. Times like this I think back to when I considered it uncool to get to the club before 11 PM.

baby pregnancy meme

Share with us your favourite pregnancy memes in the comments below!

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