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Medical Treatments You Can Now Do at Home in Melbourne

by Sara C
medical treatments at home

The changing landscape of the service industry has allowed for growth in a lot of sectors. The health and medical industry has seen significant change, with medical treatments now readily available for home application. If circumstances or time prohibit you from receiving specialty medical services, then here are some medical treatments you can now do at home.

Chemotherapy at Home Melbourne

Chemotherapy is a treatment that takes time and mental endurance, and so it is no surprise that many prefer to have this administered at home. Chemotherapy at home in Melbourne means that patients can be surrounded by their home creature comforts and can even have support people present without making the trek to a hospital or clinic. Whether starting the journey or continuing chemotherapy, considering the environment of this treatment might go a long way in shaping your mindset.

Child and Maternal Home Visits

If you haven’t had a baby before, you would be forgiven for thinking that when you leave the hospital you are on your own to figure out parenting, and all that comes with it. The hospital where you birth will have a team of midwives check in intermittently to ensure that mum is coping well with the adjustment and that your baby is gaining weight and hitting those early milestones. Not only do these midwife home visits take the pressure off getting your newborn organised and out the door, but it also allows for the hospital to see where the baby sleeps and flag any potential risks that might be present.

Home Doctors in Melbourne

The service offering might change as the years go by, but there has always been a doctor on call home service available in all cities. Established to service young and old patients, this is a great service to lean on if you don’t mind waiting for the doctor to arrive. Typically there is a triage protocol that will put your call in a priority list based on the nature of your health concern, but when the doctor arrives they can treat, advise next steps, and even write prescriptions. This is not going to be the route to take if the situation is serious or escalating, but great if you have an existing issue or need a second opinion.

Tele-Health in Melbourne

It’s hard to remember life before Tele-health. It always existed as an option, but COVID-19 really accelerated its use and many now choose this model over visiting the doctor. If you are yet to make a phone or video appointment with your GP or specialist, you receive a call at the appointment time or a link to a video chat room and commence the appointment. If you are seeking a prescription, medical certificate or all the typical things you see a doctor for – you will get that swiftly emailed to you. At the end of the appointment, you can settle the bill – all while recovering in bed or on the couch.

E-Scripts in Melbourne

If you are one to turn the house upside down when you need to find and fill your next script, then the e-script might be long overdue for you. So, how does an e-script work? Your GP or specialist will send you an e-prescription to your phone which will be a QR-Code accompanied by your name and the required medication. You can then take that to your pharmacy who will scan the code and dispense your medication. You can even have your pharmacist keep the e-prescription on hand so that they know how many repeats and you can call up to have them prepare it and even have someone collect if your pharmacy is aware. This makes adherence to medication much easier and requires you to leave the house less.

Home masseuses in Melbourne

There are some ailments that only a remedial massage can fix, and getting to your local massage clinic can sometimes be a bridge too far. Thankfully, many masseuses are offering their services at home and will set up their mobile massage table and oils to treat you in a home environment. This is especially useful if your remedial massage is part of a rehabilitation program or essential to easy movement, as you don’t want the journey from the massage clinic to undo all the progress made in that blissful hour. Before mustering up the effort to leave the house for a massage, find a quality masseuse that does home visits and you can even see if they also offer health insurance if that is important to you.

Reformer Pilates in Melbourne

Reformer pilates might seem like it is having a moment with fitness influencers, but its benefits go far before rock-hard abs. Reformer pilates is a key tool for physiotherapists and osteopaths as it can allow for movement without putting too much stress on the body. If you have not used a reformer pilates machine before they may look like a torture device, but they actually take the gravity away and allow you to stretch longer and explore new pain relief. Sure, there are some very advanced positions that require a lot of balance – but you can also use and enjoy the pilates reformer on your back with enough poses to relieve every muscle in your body.


Medical treatments might not be the norm for you, but sometimes they are the only option available. Consider how these services might assist your mental and physical health, and find a nearby specialist who can administer these essential services.

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