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The Most Memorable Moments of Australian Reality-TV 

by Kayla Mackinnon
the most memorable moments on australian reality tv

Australian reality TV certainly has come a long way in recent years. We are sure giving American reality TV a run for its money. 

Some might even argue that Australia makes some of the best reality TV in the world. 

Here are our picks for the most memorable moments on Australian reality TV. 

The MAFS Toothbrush Saga

In early 2020 everyone in Australia was talking about one thing, and that one thing was a pooey toothbrush.

When David used Hayley’s toothbrush to clean the toilet Australia’s stomachs collectively churned. 

Sure, Hayley kissed Micheal for whatever reason but she did not deserve this at all. 

Possibly the worst thing to come out of the pooey toothbrush saga was David’s response. When he was initially caught he simply said: “practical jokes have no limits”.Umm, excuse me, David? I think David needs to stop watching shitty prank videos on Youtube and grow up. 

When Dicko Fat-Shamed Paulini

I thought Australian Idol was supposed to be a show that judged people on their singing? This was not the case when Paulini sang Destiny Childs Survivor back in 2003. 

Poor Paulini was only 21 at the time when Dicko ( Ian Dickson) told her to shed a few pounds.  

His co-judge Mark Holden also judged Paulini on her outfit choice instead of judging her on her singing. 

To make it worse Mark Holden also jumped in and judged Paulini on her outfit while he was wearing a plastic dollar sign! Needless to say, two middle-aged men judging a young woman on her appearance did not go down well. 

The only judge that commented solely on her singing was queen Marcia Hines. 

This was a huge scandal back in 2003 so I couldn’t imagine how controversial it would have been today. 

When Blake Proposed to Sam in the 2014 Bachelor Finale Then Dumped her 24 hours later 

If you’re having doubts about being with somebody it’s probably a bad idea to propose to them on national TV. Everybody but Blake Garvey knew this when he proposed to Sam Frost in the 2014 Bachelor finale. 

This was just unnecessary. The bachelor does not need to propose in the finale. We cannot imagine how humiliating and heart-breaking this would have been for poor Sam. 

The Big Brother Turkey Slap Incident 

This happened way back in 2006, 11 years before the infamous #metoo movement. 

Watching this in 2020 shocked me and made me wonder if we’d have the same reaction today as we had back in 2006. When John and Ashley were removed from the house their fellow housemates and even their victim Camila were devastated.

I’m glad we’ve come along way since 2006.

When the Honey Badger Chose No-one

Normally when a man is presented with 25 beautiful women out of his league he doesn’t struggle to pick one to date. This wasn’t the case with The Nick Cummins. 

Seriously Nick?  Despite being ginger and having an endless stream of catchphrases he still had dozens of beautiful women willing to date him. 

Well, at least he was honest and didn’t just pick someone because he had to. This is almost as bad as what Blake Garvey did in the finale. 

When Angie Confronted that Creep Jess on The Bachelorette

If you don’t remember Jess from Angie Kents season of The Bachelorette let me refresh your memory.

He was the one that handed Angie a key to his apartment in the first episode, then proceeded to make inappropriate comments toward Angie and the other female crewmembers and staff. 

He made me uncomfortable just watching him.

Luckily our hero Angie confronted him and kicked him off the show. Go Angie.


Wow. Ines really made season 6 of Married at First Sight

We were constantly shocked by what came out of her mouth and sat on the edge of our seats when she had the affair with fellow co-star Sam. And let’s be honest, we all secretly missed her when she left the show. 

Here are some iconic Ines quotes:

“ would you root me?”

“ I’m getting a very in-bread vibe”

“ When he smiled I first wanted to punch him in the jaw”

Believe it or not these quotes were all from the first episode she appeared in. 

When the wrong winner was announced on Australia’s Next Top Model

AWKWARD. Luckily no-one watches Australias Next top Model Amirite? (kidding) 

No seriously this probably would have been super embarrassing to everyone involved!

When Stacey and Mikey Allegedly Slept Together

If this was true this was a huge bombshell. 

When Michael cheated on Stacey with Hayley, Stacey made Michael pay. She didn’t let him forget it for the rest of the series.  

But if Mikey’s allegations are true, what Stacey did was so much worse. 

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Comment below what your most memorable Australian reality TV show moments are. 


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