by Kayla Mackinnon
winner of the no belle prize disney meme gaston

Disney memes to take you back to your childhood.

Most of us have seen several Disney and Pixar movies in our time. If you’re a big fan you’ve probably seen them all.

Disney is one of those magical things that is loved by people of all ages. It takes us back to our childhood and has been around for most of our entire lives. Even if you didn’t get to go to any of the Disney theme parks as a kid. (like me). You probably still loved Disney.

I finally planned on going to Disneyworld 2020 but COVID kind of ruined that for me. Hopefully, I can go one day and take my kids with me. Disney is one of those things that is loved by people of every generation.

And who doesn’t love a good Disney meme? Here are over 90 Disney memes reminisce and laugh over.

1.  OK. But not sure if I’d put up with a man kidnapping me and locking me away. 

beauty and the beast disney meme 2. Not sure if this was a “favourite” Star Wars moment

star wars disney anakin meme

3. I’m one of those people that loves both Christmas and Halloween

nightmare before christmas disney meme

4.Timon and Pumbaa gave rubbish advice

hakuna matata timon and pumba meme

5.Maybe Don’t try this at home if you have young children

elf on a shelf christmas toy story meme

6. I had a lot of these on VHS as a kid 

disney vhs disney dvd disney plus meme

7. Yeah Belle’s song was rude AF

beauty and the beast meme

8.Don’t be friends with people that don’t do this. There’s clearly something very wrong with them 

mosby suite life of zac and cody meme

9. Maybe Ariel’s bra is just a REALLY helpful friend?

little mermaid ariel disney meme 10. I gave birth earlier this year and I am very jealous of Mrs Incredible

the incredibles disney meme pregnancy childbirth

11. Heihei was the best Disney Princess

heihe disney princess meme

12. Who knows. 2020 was wild

hercules disney meme 2020 covid 13. The only kind of tissues anyone should own disney meme scar lion king scar tissues

14. How you act around your teachers vs your friends 

introvert disney meme

15. If you don’t get this we can’t be friends 

hercules roman numbers 911 joke disney meme 16.Peter Pan then vs nowpeter pan disney meme. do you feel old yet

17. Nemo was ahead of its time 

finding nemo fish in bags disney meme pixar quarantine covid 2020

18.The Emperors new mask

covid meme. covid glasses mask meme. emperors new pants disney meme

19. Me as a grandma

grandma buzz lightyear costume disney meme 20. Poor Eric 

ariel kiss the girl disney meme the little mermaid

21. Parents be like. If you could give me a grandchild without having sex that would be great.

monsters inc disney pixar meme

22. Rumor says this is a deleted scene from the original 1938 Snow White film

snow white drawing on face disney meme

23.You sure did. Love the detail on the rooflittle mermaid ariel room flounder girls room disney meme

24. Always listening to things until you get sick of them like:

listening to same songs emperors new groove meme

25. Kids are always asking the hard questions little mermaid disney meem 26. Yeah, my sister always does this witched halloween dead mans toe disney meem

27. Lime is the imposter

lime green disney villian meme among us meme 28. You’re never too old for trick or treating

baby yoda halloween trick or treating star wars meme 29. Paul Rudd does what Paul Rudd wants 

paul rudd weird al yankovic halloween disney meme

30. This is beautiful

amputee disability costume disney woody costume meme 31. This is great but I hope he didn’t work as slow as he did in Zootopia 

zooptopia sloth halloween costume disney meme

32. I think Ariel was just thinking about a man with legs and a “you know what”

ariel disney meme

33. Besties

sanderson witches salem disney halloween movie disney meme

34. I have a baby and this is tempting 

disney baby halloween costume meme oogie boogie

35. DIsney+ and chill 
disney plus are you still watching disney meme

36. Pixar animators are geniuses and are probably in Mensa 

pixar tortilla mr potato head toy story meme disney

37. Why do I need to get a job? Can’t I just watch Disney movies all day?

tinkerbell disney meme

38. This is why I never come out 

aladding disney meme 39.The teacher is right though
big hero 6 frosted puffs disney meme 40. This grandma is a perve 

mulan grandma disney meme 41. I’ll say it again. Pixar animators are magical 

frozen pixar animation 42. The prince in Cinderella was such a player

The prince cinderella cinderalla disney meme shoe 43. Among Us players aren’t loyal 

among us pirates of the Caribbean disney meme 44. Do Pixar animators still do this?

pixar disney blooper real disney meme

45. I’m the latterfrozen 1010 dalmations disney cold meme 46. What I mean is I’m sick of dramatic things happening to me. Not other people
mulan disney spill the tea meme 47. I hope the Elsa at Disneyworld isn’t as scary as this one 

creepy elsa disney frozen costume disney meme 48. This is me when I’m pretending to help lift things when moving house 

among us disney frozen meme 49. Why does this never happen to me?
drunk disney princess wild animals bambi snow white meme

50. Time to get a new therapist 

disneyworld meme

51. Don’t be friends with the 3rd kind.
disney flynn eugene meme

52. Why is this so funny?

mike wahousekey monsters ink meme

53. Even Sleeping Beauty can’t sleep with the door open 

sleeping beauty disney meme

54. It’s cheesy but looks kind of boring to me

goofy movie cheesy pizza disney meme

55. Very true 

monsters inc cov id 19 corona virus disney meme

56.Star wars and Disney movie marathons only, please

baby yoda star wars netflix marathon disney meme 57. This is amazing 

The little mermaid one million bubbles hand drawn disney meme

58. This is actually what women want
father daughter disney princess dress up disney meme 59. Flowers do nothing and always end up in the bin

what women want disneyland meme disneyworld 60.Princess Leia vibes

baby yoda hair tie scrunchie holder disney star wars meme 61. Electrifying

hercules zeus disney meme

62. And sometimes they’re even better without the musical numbers

lilo and stitch disney meme

63. True, everyone just leave me alone introvert disney princess meme

64. Masks go over your damn nosemasks go over your nose snow white disney meme

65. The best.emperors new groove villian best friend disney meme

66.This is some amazing animation

disney animation amazing meme

67.Looking sexy with those human legs disney ariel meme prince

68. Pooh does prioritise his foodwinnie the pooh pork eating piglet disney meme

69.I also do this with my babybaby yoda pet in front of mirror disney meme star wars

70. I am never paying for a Youtube subscription no matter how much I watch videos

mr incredible youtube ad meme disney meme 71. In a world full of bootleg Winnie the Poohs. Be a Jack Skellington

winnie the pooh jack skellington disney meme

72.Stay Safe guys

monsters inc covid halloween meme

73. The phone does have a point
disney meme funny

74. But they look so cute thoughtangled disney meme pet

75.This Santa is so confuseddisney villians with santa disney meme

76. At least you feel something

77. Do you ever see someone doing their job and think. I could do that?

78. Yeah what does Buzz look like under his spacesuit?buzz lightyear without his space suit disney pixar meme

79.The baby is cuter but that costume is amazing

baby groot guardians of the galaxy disney meme

80. Huh! It really doesmike wazowski disney pixar meme kettle

81. Why do I always lie and say I’m ready?sleeping beauty not ready disney meme

82. God damn it
2020 coronavirus disneymeme

83.What Disney princesses really want

84. Wow, that’s a lot of effort

mosters inc boo voice actor toddler disney pixar meme

85. Does Aladdin even have a belly button?aladdin disney meme

86. Pretending I’m listening to something cool and age appropriate




90.lilo and stich disney fridge meme

91.marilyn manson mickey mouse ears disney plus meme

92.lilo and stitch david meme disney

93.disney meme

94.toy story pixar disney fridge meme

What was your favourite Disney meme?

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